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RepairTV is a service offering of the Consumonics Ltd group. Consumonics has been successfully trading since 2006.

RepairTV operates in the field of consumer electronics servicing (Plasma, LCD, LED, Projection and CRT TVs, Videos, Audios) and is rapidly being acknowledged as one of the most reliable service and repair organisations in the South East of England.

‘Having earlier sent emails to three other outfits and receiving less than clear answers to my initial enquiries, I was very hesitant to get my television repaired. Nevertheless, throwing caution aside, I wrote them. Subsequently I was greatly impressed that Repair TV not only promptly but also fully responded to my opening queries and, additionally, in reply to my concerns about costs, set out their pricing policy in simple terms. I thought their charges very reasonable too. It was equally impressive that they were able to make an appointment for the following day. Next morning – and this was extremely helpful – their engineer rang me at 9 45 to say that he’d be with me between 3 00 – 5 00 pm. He duly arrived at 4 30 and proceeded to expertly fix my tv’s problems. I mentioned that I am a technophobe whereupon he took the time to sit with me and not only patiently explain various technical functions but also, unprompted, write everything down in simple language (numbering as he went along) so that I could keep the notes for future reference.

Overall marks out of 10? 11.
Genuine Testimonial from a customer David Hughes’

Our highly experienced and qualified engineers bring the benefit of high levels of customer care. We can repair any brand, size or age of television  and we’ll do it at an affordable price.

Call us now on 0208 337 8000 or email us at enquiries@repairtv.co.uk and we’ll get you back to enjoying your tv experience as soon as we can.

Excellence of service

We are a fast, friendly, quality and competitively priced repair organisation.  Our repairs come with a 3 month warranty so you have full piece of mind with us.

To make an enquiry, please call us on 0208 337 8000 or email us at enquiries@repairtv.co.uk

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